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The necessity of choosing a good socket

The necessity of choosing a good socket

2020-02-04 17:21
Nowadays, the widespread and increasing use of household appliances has made life more convenient, but it has also brought many hidden dangers to the safe and healthy growth of children. Authoritative data show that children's accidents caused by sockets are increasing year by year. "Children's electricity safety" has become a social topic that has attracted much attention! In fact, as the "last level" of household electricity, sockets, plugs, etc. are difficult to hide completely and are easily accessible by children. Many children use them as their "toys", holding them around, digging them back and forth with their fingers in the socket jack. Many "destroyers" with strong hands-on skills will use tweezers, blades, etc. "Tools" for disassembly, burning with a lighter ... and so on.
Under such a premise, the harm of poor-quality sockets is particularly obvious. In order to reduce prices and attract consumers, those miscellaneous, unlicensed, and counterfeit sockets do everything possible to save materials and reduce costs, and cut corners in all aspects, often bringing many hidden dangers to children during use. First, poor quality sockets are not safe. Protective measures, children are prone to electric shock when they are in contact; secondly, poor-quality socket raw materials have poor temperature resistance, low flame retardancy, long-term work is easy to get hot and hot, and it is easy to burn when exposed to open flames. Children are not only susceptible to burns when playing, and may be burned with lighters Caused a large fire; again, poor-quality sockets are manufactured with rough edges and corners, burrs are common, pressure and impact resistance are insufficient, children are easy to break when they are dropped, and bolts are loose, easy to disassemble, and children are easily cut ...
In addition, many household electrical outlets are relatively old, and long-term use poses serious safety risks to the family. Many netizens believe that the life of a socket is very long, and the socket can be used normally when it is powered on. In fact, this idea is completely wrong. As a professional manufacturer of switch sockets, Futian Electric has listed the following seven potential safety hazards here:
First, the socket is pressed by flammable materials or dust falls to cause a short circuit, or it is installed in a flammable and explosive dangerous place. When the plug is inserted or unplugged, sparks may cause explosion and fire;
Second, the plug is damaged and is not replaced in time. Use a bare wire head instead of the plug, causing a short circuit or spark, which causes the combustible to catch fire;
Third, some bedside switches can be put away after use. The switch hits the bed frame or wall and breaks the outer insulation layer, which is likely to cause a short circuit.
Fourth, the working voltage and working current of household appliances do not match the power of the socket used, and long-term overload will cause fire if the temperature is too high;
Fifth, the switch is improperly installed, especially when the switch is placed on a flammable object. Once the sheath of the lead wire is scratched, the core of the wire will be exposed or water vapor will penetrate, causing a short circuit, or an arc will cause a fire when the switch is turned off. ;
Sixth, the power distribution board is not placed in the junction box. When the fuse is blown, hot metal particles will splash, causing the combustibles below to cause combustion;
Seventh, when the combustible gas used by the household leaks from the pipeline or valve, when the combustible gas is mixed with air and reaches a certain limit, opening and closing the electrical switch without the arc elimination device will cause sparks.
It is impossible for parents and parents to stare at their children at all times. Therefore, if the quality of the socket is unqualified, it may cause children to suffer various injuries! And an excellent socket with child safety protection function can maximize the protection of children's safety, which is "hardware guarantee"! Then, it is necessary to choose a "good socket" to prevent these injuries.
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